The Goddam Election! with John Safran

In a one hour special, John Safran explores the religious underbelly of the 2016 federal election. We all saw the violent anti-Islam protests play out on our TV screens over the last year, but as the anti-Islam and pro-Islam movement is shifting its focus from the streets to the ballot box, John discovers these movements are far more bizarre than it first seems, upending the common perception of Australian multiculturalism.

As Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and Sri-Lankan priests join forces with alleged neo-Nazi parties, John finds himself tackling the election campaign from a unique and underreported angle – religion.  Minor parties like Rise Up Australia and the Australian Liberty Alliance are contesting this election John explores what impact will they have on mainstream Australian politics if they haven’t already. And why do these micro-parties have the ear, and the support, of Australia’s new migrants?

John discovers that our uniquely secular nation has a blind spot when it comes to religion and the more he digs, the more he discovers that religion is a growing force that filters into our politics in a surprising number of ways.  And as we head towards a neck-and-neck election, anyone of these micro parties supported by Australia’s religious minorities could potentially end up with a balance of power.

This may well be the most religious election ever; Australia just doesn’t know it.