Mike Cowap

Mike worked at Screen Australia since it was founded in 2008 and before that with predecessor agency the Australian Film Commission since 2005. In his role as Investment Manager at the Federal Government’s key screen agency, Mike managed many award-winning projects including online content, TV series, feature films, apps, interactive drama & documentary, and video games, and conceived and ran many initiatives, conferences, and training opportunities.

Mike had special responsibility for innovative digital production, exploring new platforms, finance, and revenue models. Amongst several special programs, Mike initiated and managed SKIP AHEAD with Google/YouTube to support content creators to grow online subscribers, and FRESH BLOOD with ABC TV/iview to find the next wave of comedy filmmaking talent. Prior to joining the agency, Mike held positions with the UK Film Council and the South Australian Film Corporation, and worked with production companies Picture Palace North (UK) and Monkeystack.

Mike’s commitment to unique and remarkable talent, coupled with his creative judgement and enviable knowledge of current trends in international production make him an invaluable asset at Princess Pictures.

Sarah Lang

Sarah is a producer, writer and development executive in scripted television, film and short-form. Before joining Princess Pictures in 2017, Sarah worked for 5 years in the script and production departments of series such as Wolf Creek, 8MMM: Aboriginal Radio, Fat Tony & Co, RosehavenGet Krack!n and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

With Princess Pictures, Sarah has a strong track record collaborating with creator/performers, cultivating a development slate of original concepts with emerging voices and household names in Australian comedy. Sarah served as script editor on Seasons 1 and 2 of How To Stay Married, a Princess Pictures and Peter Helliar comedy series for Network Ten, was script producer on Season 3, and wrote three episodes of the show. Sarah is the producer of popular queer online series The Formalbringing 30 x 1 minute episodes to Tiktok in 2021 and a final season of 6 x 5 minute episodes to Youtube in 2022 with the assistance of Screen Australia.