The Kununurra Kid

An 8-part, fly-on-the-wall documentary series following Tom Forrest, a young Aussie who jumps in his van and ventures into the unknown to uncover the mystery of his roots and figure out his future.



Based on the life and stories of Boori Monty Pryor, Wrong Kind of BlackĀ is an indigenous narrative comedy-drama that brings a rare perspective to a tumultuous era in Australia’s history.

From the crocs and cops of 1960s Queensland, to the blood-splattered dance floors of Melbourne’s 1970s nightclubs, Monty (played by Clarence Ryan) and his younger brother Paul (Aaron McGrath) reveal the inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking journey of growing up ‘the wrong kind of black’.

At the height of the ’70s disco inferno, Monty is Melbourne’s hottest DJ dubbed “The Black Superman”, he and Paul rub shoulders with a motley crew of Russian mobsters and Aussie yobbos alike. The ‘fro and flares seem like worlds away from their childhood on remote Palm Island – but beneath the surface not much has changed. Aboriginal culture is still not welcome in white society, and the price of its preservation can be deadly. As tensions rise and trouble follows, Monty decides to take his future into his own hands and stand against the tide of Australian racism.