SUPERWOG are Australia’s best- known and best-loved culturally diverse comedy duo. In late 2018 they released their first 7-episode half-hour comedy series, which quickly became the most watched scripted TV half-hour comedy in Australia that year.


The much-anticipated second season of SUPERWOG picks up where the first season left off, following teenage outsiders, Superwog and Johnny, who must overcome the adversity that stems from their ethnic heritage in a bid to stand out while still fitting in.

Superwog and Johnny are codependent best friends, struggling to make the leap from adolescence to young adulthood. The boys spend their time watching porn, fighting with their parents, and obsessively chasing chicks with little to no success. Their distorted views of the world, risky judgements and dubious decision-making skills often lead them to trouble, with mayhem inevitably following as the pair strive to fit in and gain social standing in a predominately ‘Aussie’ society.

Off the back of their hit ABC TV / #1 YouTube trending first season, the second season dives further into Superwog’s world and volatile family unit, exploring themes like father and son rivalry, the pursuit of women, friendship and loyalty, family relationships, cultural comparison, and social status, all interwoven with stories from familiar characters from their highly successful YouTube videos.



Chloe is a pharmacist-turned-writer who started her career as a notetaker and script coordinator before going on to contribute to a wide range of children’s and adult television story rooms. In 2019 she was selected to participate in AFTRS Talent Camp Victoria with her comedy webseries project.

After working with Princess Pictures as their script coordinator for season three of How to Stay Married, she joined the company in 2021 via VicScreen’s Key Talent Placement. She currently works across Princess’s live action television and feature development slate and is invested in realistic portrayals of identity and authentic diversity on screen.

As a screenwriter Chloe co-wrote an episode of YA comedy-drama Turn Up the Volume and most recently wrote an episode for mystery-adventure series Rock Island Mysteries. She has a particular interest in comedy, science fiction, and women’s football.