An ordinary Aussie, a big bank, an outrageous true story….

Luke ‘Milky’ Moore is a fun-loving Australian country boy who transforms into a high-rolling playboy, a prison inmate, and a successful criminal lawyer – all because of a bank error.

Milky’s story starts in a dark place. After the 2008 stock market crash, Milky loses his job, life savings, suffers serious injury in a massive car accident, and struggles to make his house payments. And of course, his girlfriend leaves him. But at this lowest point, his bank accidentally throws him a lifeline. It starts automatically making house payments without deducting money from his account and if he withdraws money it isn’t detected. Milky thinks fate has given him a second chance. He moves to the Miami of Australia: the Gold Coast and the money just keeps on coming. Two million dollars later he’s the king of the party scene where every night it’s strippers, fast cars, drugs, and new friends. But how long can the party last before the law catches up to him?

Narrated by comedian Jim Jefferies, hear this great Australian ripping yarn directly from the people who lived it. This unique comedy documentary will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, appalled, and entertained, but dying to hear how much deeper s##t Milky can get himself into.

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27-year-old Joey is released from prison and returns home to the Fitzroy community housing flats in the hopes of reuniting with his girlfriend, Rachol, and the young son he’s never met. But life in the community didn’t stay paused whilst Joey served time, and Rachol isn’t thrilled to see him, especially as he seems to be straight back to his old ways, under the bad influence of his best friend Troy. The six-part series stars real residents of inner-city Melbourne’s community housing in their first acting roles.

Funded by Screen Australia.

Screen Australia presents A Princess Pictures production

Starring Will Weatheritt Jessie Pulis Ciaran Griffiths Adut Miar Tommy Bisset Jeff McNair

Production Design Renee Schulz DOP Matt Weatheritt 1st AD & Assistant Producer Maria Tevelis

Produced by Mike Cowap Executive Producers Laura Waters Emma Fitzsimons

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by Darren L. Downs and Will Weatheritt


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