12 x 30 minute Comedy Series

Chris Lilley’s highly anticipated series Angry Boys brings to life six different characters; identical twins Daniel and Nathan Sims, from We Can Be Heroes, who’s dream it is to organise a “Legendary Farewell Party” for Nathan before he leaves for deaf school; their grandmother Juvenile Justice Center worker Ruth Sims, aka Gran, who looks after the delinquent boys in her care by sewing them superhero pyjamas to wear and letting them pet her guinea pigs; tyrannical Japanese mother Jen Okazaki, who ambitiously promotes her son, Tim, as the world’s first gay skateboarder; S.mouse, the U.S hip-hop sensation behind the biggest selling hip-hop single of all time, “Slap My Elbow”; and, former surfing world champion and Mucca Mad Boys founder Blake Oakfield who, after having his balls shot off during a gang fight, has to give up his surfing career.

Shot over seven months, edited for a year and featuring over seventy locations in three countries, Angry Boys is the biggest project yet from the successful partnership of Chris Lilley and Laura Waters.