Mike Cowap

Mike worked at Screen Australia since it was founded in 2008 and before that with predecessor agency the Australian Film Commission since 2005. In his role as Investment Manager at the Federal Government’s key screen agency, Mike managed many award-winning projects including online content, TV series, feature films, apps, interactive drama & documentary, and video games, and conceived and ran many initiatives, conferences, and training opportunities.

Mike had special responsibility for innovative digital production, exploring new platforms, finance, and revenue models. Amongst several special programs, Mike initiated and managed SKIP AHEAD with Google/YouTube to support content creators to grow online subscribers, and FRESH BLOOD with ABC TV/iview to find the next wave of comedy filmmaking talent. Prior to joining the agency, Mike held positions with the UK Film Council and the South Australian Film Corporation, and worked with production companies Picture Palace North (UK) and Monkeystack.

Mike’s commitment to unique and remarkable talent, coupled with his creative judgement and enviable knowledge of current trends in international production make him an invaluable asset at Princess Pictures.


HOW TO STAY MARRIED is an eight-part comedy series about staying together when romance has made way for routine and the ever-changing nature of family life continually throws curve balls into the mix. It’s a refreshing and heart-warming look at the problems that can befall even the best marriage, blending the daily challenges with the hilarious minutiae of domestic life.

In season three, stay-at-home-dad Greg becomes overly involved in primary school politics. He’s driven by a rivalry with perfect parent, Luna, who’s also the President of the Parents and Friends Association. Luna has the irritating knack of beating Greg at every turn, but when Greg realises he has a groundswell of popular support, a leadership spill seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, breadwinner Em faces her own personal challenge when her domineering boss tasks her with ghostwriting yet another “autobiography” for a well-known Australian cricketer. For someone like Em who still dreams of writing a bestseller, it’s a dull hard slog, until she uncovers a scandal that could ruin several careers, including her own.

Woven throughout their personal battles, Greg and Em must also face a constant flurry of family upsets such as teenage heartbreak, stolen school lunches and the untimely death of a beloved pet turtle. But the biggest upset of all occurs when Em discovers she might be pregnant. How on earth will a brand new baby fit into this already crazy mix?


Sarah Lang

Sarah is a producer, writer and development executive in scripted television, film and short-form. Before joining Princess Pictures in 2017, Sarah worked for 5 years in the script and production departments of series such as Wolf Creek, 8MMM: Aboriginal Radio, Fat Tony & Co, RosehavenGet Krack!n and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

With Princess Pictures, Sarah has a strong track record collaborating with creator/performers, cultivating a development slate of original concepts with emerging voices and household names in Australian comedy. Sarah served as script editor on Seasons 1 and 2 of How To Stay Married, a Princess Pictures and Peter Helliar comedy series for Network Ten, was script producer on Season 3, and wrote three episodes of the show. Sarah is the producer of popular queer online series The Formalbringing 30 x 1 minute episodes to Tiktok in 2021 and a final season of 6 x 5 minute episodes to Youtube in 2022 with the assistance of Screen Australia.


In a warped Australian reality, two besties are on a quest for degeneracy and love…

Two Australian party girls, Sarah and Rachel, looking for fun times, new experiences, positive vibes, and hopeful horoscopes in the bizarre town of Wollongong. Sarah’s quest is to find love, whereas Rachel hungers for chaos, often bringing them into conflict as they encounter surreal Australiana, strange bush creatures, and eccentric nomads.



HOW TO STAY MARRIED is an eight-part comedy series about staying together when romance has made way for routine and the ever-changing nature of family life continually throws curve balls into the mix. It’s a refreshing and heart-warming look at the problems that can befall even the best marriage, blending the daily challenges with the hilarious minutiae of domestic life.

Six months on from the events of Season One, the Butler family have adjusted to their new norm, with Em working in publishing full time and Greg relishing life as stay-at-home dad. But there’s little time for Greg and Em to rest on their laurels, or even share a quick glass of wine or cuddle on the couch. 14 year old daughter Sophie is morphing into a lovely and sometimes moody teen, while 7 year old Chloe is obsessed with sharks, pirates and her pet turtle Hannibal. Greg’s live-in brother Brad has fallen for his Russian flame Nadia, whilst Em still dreams of writing a novel and Greg thinks a family holiday will provide the perfect antidote to all their stress. Can Greg and Em make those dreams a reality?



Its Summer’s last day working at the travelling fairground. She can’t wait to move on and delete this dead-end job from her memory. Running the ‘Duck Duchess’ game is a long way from the dream of what she expected to be doing after graduation. She’s sick of all the entitled kids, the over- protective parents, and lectures from the Manager.

But what if the park doesn’t think she’s ready to leave?

An 11-minute dark twisted fantasy for young adults in the vein of Black Mirror & The Twilight Zone, Parked showcases the first major acting role for Wengie, Australia’s number one most subscribed YouTuber and massive internet celebrity.

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Michelle Brown

After completing Bachelors in Media and Entertainment Business Management, Michelle joined Princess Pictures in 2014 working on Foxtel’s sketch comedy show Open Slather. From there she went on to Talent and Story Produce on ABC ME’s ‘vlogumentary’ series My Year 7 Life and My Year 12 Life, during which, Michelle received the “Media Award” for My Year 12 Life at the 2017 WayAhead Mental Health Matters Awards.

Now eight years into her journey with Princess Pictures, Michelle works across the entire slate as the Production Operations Manager on comedy, drama, feature film and adult animation. Most recently including Channel 10’s series How To Stay Married, staring Peter Helliar, ABC Comedy’s Superwog and Adult Swim’s animations YOLO: Crystal Fantasy and Smiling Friends.


By day, Kevin Williams is a divorced dad, stuck in a dull IT job at the Unanderra council. By night, he’s Koala Man, a civic superhero cleaning up the streets from petty crime. Clad in a koala mask, and wielding a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil, Koala Man won’t stop until he’s rid the town of every last loiterer, litterer, and local kid who looks a bit dodgy down at the park. Wherever there’s a minor misdemeanour, there is Koala Man (Except between nine and five on weekdays when he’s at work. And every second weekend when he has his son).


Simone Ball

Simone has worked in the entertainment industry for many years, honing her legal skills at a national law firm and then at December Media, where she worked across their entire slate of television series, documentary and giant screen films. She is also an actress and a writer so has a great appreciation for story, as well as an understanding of the legal intricacies involved in developing, financing and distributing quality content.

Pennie Brown

Pennie is a Producer of comedy How to Stay Married (S2, S3), KINNE and has worked as an Associate Producer on some of Australia’s leading drams Wentworth, Winners & Losers, City Homicide as well as producing animated content for Sesame Street.

Before joining Princess Pictures, Pennie was employed as a Scripted Development Producer working across an extensive drama slate including Secret Bridesmaids Business. From 2015-2017 Pennie consulted to Disney/ABC Network’s International Scripted Department scouting for Australian formats and talent to be produced in the US market.

Pennie brings a wealth of development and producing experience across a diverse Australian television landscape and will continue to hone her producing skills at Princess Pictures.