Fourteen year old breakdancer and mischievous delinquent, Jonah Takalua, returns from Tonga to start a new life at Holy Cross High School. Dominating the playground with his gang Fobba-licious, amusing himself with endless dick jokes and a school yard rivalry with the Rangas, Jonah challenges the school system, getting himself into more trouble than ever before.


Ja’mie: Private School Girl

Ja’mie: Private School Girl is the continuing story of Ja’mie King (Chris Lilley), a conniving Year 12 student and Queen Bee of Hillford Girls Grammar.

As School Captain and unchallenged diva, she stops at nothing to climb her way to the top, dissing Asians and Boarders and conquering members of the opposite sex.

Clothes, cars, boys, parties and a hot-girl entourage … Ja’mie has it all, until her quest to win the Hillford Medal triggers a series of outrageous events that change her life forever.


Chris Lilley’s highly anticipated series Angry Boys brings to life six different characters; identical twins Daniel and Nathan Sims, from We Can Be Heroes, who’s dream it is to organise a “Legendary Farewell Party” for Nathan before he leaves for deaf school; their grandmother Juvenile Justice Center worker Ruth Sims, aka Gran, who looks after the delinquent boys in her care by sewing them superhero pyjamas to wear and letting them pet her guinea pigs; tyrannical Japanese mother Jen Okazaki, who ambitiously promotes her son, Tim, as the world’s first gay skateboarder; S.mouse, the U.S hip-hop sensation behind the biggest selling hip-hop single of all time, “Slap My Elbow”; and, former surfing world champion and Mucca Mad Boys founder Blake Oakfield who, after having his balls shot off during a gang fight, has to give up his surfing career.

Shot over seven months, edited for a year and featuring over seventy locations in three countries, Angry Boys is the biggest project yet from the successful partnership of Chris Lilley and Laura Waters.


Summer Heights High is the outrageously funny high school comedy series created and written by Chris Lilley

Summer Heights High explores what happens over one school term in an average Australian high school. In this mockumentary, Chris brings to life Jonah, a 13 year old mischievous schoolboy from Tonga with the odds stacked against him; Mr G, an ego-driven drama teacher with delusional showbiz dreams; and Ja’mie, a bitchy private schoolgirl on a student exchange, set to make her mark on Summer Heights High.

Hilarious, absurd and frequently shocking, Summer Heights High reveals a world where small issues become huge, social groups are important, careers are built, young minds are moulded, hopes are shattered and dreams realised.


We Can Be Heroes is the internationally acclaimed comedy series created and written by Chris Lilley, following five special individuals who are nominated for the prestigious title of Australian of the Year.

Chris Lilley embodies six characters: Daniel, a 17 year old who has donated his eardrum to his hearing impaired twin brother, Nathan (also played by Lilley); Ja’mie, who holds the national record for sponsoring 85 Sudanese children; Pat Mullins, a pioneer of the sport of rolling on her side; Phil Olivetti, a cop who bravely put his life on the line when he rescued nine children from an unsecured jumping castle; and Ricky Wong, who has received international praise for developing a high efficiency solar panel but who really wants to be an actor.