Late night internet talk show

David Letterman will be forever known as the king of late night television in America, and Graham Kennedy the king in Australia – both in longevity and artistically – but Dave Lawson is the indisputable heir apparent to the chat show crown online.

A kind of Antipodean to David Letterman, Dave Lawson hosts a talk show from his backyard shed. The typical chat show format is reinvented with guests, comedians, musicians and banter between Dave Lawson and his sidekicks, musical director Mark Wilson (Jet) and hand puppet Wormie (Stephen Curry). The idiosyncratic presence of Dave Lawson, known for his laid-back attitude, is the kind of persona that has become an instant hit with viewers.

Dave’s Shed Show is aflagship production for the Princess Digital Hub and will allow Dave Lawson to reinvent chat show monologue, create clever skits and introduce memorable new characters. Dave’s Shed Show is where you’ll find today’s biggest stars and musical acts and set the stage for the digital online platform for every talk show to come.

As one YouTube viewer TeenageKicks11 says, ‘Move the fuck over Adam Hills.’