3 x 1 hour Documentary Series

In this three-part series, John Clarke, arguably Australia’s greatest natural athlete, looks at how Australia came to take its sport so seriously and what it means to be a Sporting Nation.

Australia is a sporting nation. Sport is officially everywhere. It even helps us describe matters other than sport. We speak of being in the home straight, dropping the baton, getting down the wicket to the bowling, raising the bar, having a game plan and taking it one week at a time.

The series celebrates our sporting achievements. It also examines the sporting passion of spectators and looks at how sport has shaped us as a nation.

John speaks to athletes, coaches, commentators and former Prime Ministers about sport and they confirm what we suspected: that if so many people are interested in sport, it’s certainly not just about sport.

He also meets legendary sporting heroes and he asks them how and why they achieved such prodigious deeds. And listen carefully, for the answers are not what you’d think.

Whatever you think of sport this series should interest you. And if you love sport, you won’t be able to wipe the smile of your face.